Welcome to our world in the “Musicschool 3-Klang” in Ramstein Miesenbach

We are a team of music teachers, that have set the goal of conveying the long lasting joy of music to especially making music. Since the year 2011 our School, under the name “Musikschule 3-Klang” (engl. “musik school 3 – sounds”), has been teaching the instruments piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, violine and accordion. Having emerged from the “Yamaha Musikschool F. Becker”, we have a music school been in Ramstein-Miesenbach for 16 years remaining a solid part of the cultural surroundings. Our musical offer is adressed to all who want to learn an instrument, wether it be young children, adolescents or adults, beginners, intermediate or if you are starting over.
Everyone is welcome- whether it be single or group lessons- the students interests and goals always being our main objective.

Learning a musical instrument has many advantages

The hearing of a child develops until the age of ten. Until then a child’s understanding of tones, sounds, noises, languages and dialects remains playful and it store these patterns irrevocably in the brain.
Teaching an learning research has shown that children who play music not only develop a remarkable creative potential, but are also often better and more successful at learning. Extensive studies have shown that with early childhood musical training and education, the cognitive-intellectual and fine motor skills are promoted, and have a sustained positive effect on abilities and performance.
Music excites agreeably to the imagination and promotes concentration!

Music lessons for adults and seniors

„I’ m too old to still learn an instrument, right?”
This doubting question is asked again and again. Indeed, there are however, for adults who wish to learn to play an instrument, no age restrictions. For professionals, music is the ideal compensation and probably offers one of the best and also most pleasant ways of everyday relaxation.
For people who are entering retirement, music can develop even to a new purpose in life, at least but to a beautiful, quality of life enhancing hobby.

How to find us

Our facilities, are located in the building of the EDEKA shopping center in Ramstein-Miesenbach.
The address is: Rathausring 6, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach.
You will find the entrance on the side, behind the laundromat. From the Ramstein train station it is a 2 minute walk, bus station as well. Parking is located directly in front of the school in the parking area of the EDEKA shopping center. Our Music School is with public as well as private transporttatio easily reachable. Visit us, and get to know us, and we will help you get started in THE hobby –MUSIC!